Georgetown Seventh-day Adventist Church

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  Date Sermon Title Audio Video
  01/07/2017 Finding The Way mp3  
  01/14/2017 The Limiting Factor mp3  
  01/28/2017 Trumpets and Torches mp3  
  02/04/2017 The Offering of Cain, The Sacrifice of Abel mp3  
  02/11/2017 Do You Want to Become Well mp3 mp4
  02/25/2017 The Little Man Grows Up mp3  
  03/11/2017 What was I Thinking? mp3  
  03/18/2017 Getting Back to the Basis mp3  
  03/25/2017 Who's Fight Is It Anyway? mp3  
  04/08/2017 In That Day mp3  
  05/06/2017 From Creation to Recreation  mp3  
  05/27/2017 "_E_O_D" mp3 mp4
  06/03/2017 It Is Well mp3  
  07/08/2017 Blurred Vision   mp4 | mp4
  07/22/2017 Mind Matters mp3 mp4
  07/29/2017 “Three _____ Lessons” mp3 mp4
  08/05/2017 Do I Know You? mp3 mp4
  08/12/2014 The Battle for Truth mp3 mp4
  08/19/2017 Standing in the Gap mp3 mp4
  08/26/2017 Reluctant Leadership mp3 mp4
  09/02/2017 What Garment Will We Wear? mp3 mp4
  09/09/2017 Rebuilding Together: Leadership & Community mp3 mp4
  09/16/2017 So that I May Tabernacle in their Midst mp3 mp4
  9/23/17 Storms mp3 mp4
  9/30/2017 Who Am I Talking To? mp3 mp4
  10/07/2017 Shake It Off mp3 mp4
  10/14/2017 A is for Acceptance mp3 mp4
  10/21/2017 The Enemy’s Final Defeat mp3 mp4
  10/28/2017 The Road to Emmaus mp3 mp4
  11/04/2017 B is for Belonging mp3 mp4
  11/18/2017 Speaking Romance with God mp3 mp4
  11/25/2017 Restoration, part 1 mp3 mp4
  12/02/2017 Restoration, part II mp3 mp4
  12/09/2017 Matthew's Bethlehem Story mp3 mp4
  12/23/2017 Luke's Bethlehem Story mp3 mp4
  01/06/2018 Our Reasonable Service mp3 mp4
  01/13/2018 Contrast At the Cross mp3 mp4
  01/20/2018 Geese Sense mp3 mp4
  01/27/2018 A Provocative Parable mp3 mp4
  02/10/2018 Transformation: The Best Comes Last mp3 mp4
  02/17/2018 Marys and Marthas mp3 mp4